For the first time in ITOG history, the Annual Meeting was held in Europe. ITOG members Dr. Sebastiano Filetti and Dr. Martin Schlumberger hosted an exceptional two-day gathering at Sapienza Università di Roma in Rome, Italy, where Dr. Filetti is a member of the faculty. The inspiring agenda was complete with presentations of groundbreaking research, the latest results from clinical trials, and innovative approaches employed in other cancer diagnoses that could be translated for thyroid cancer research. Dr. Thomas Giordano gave an extremely informative talk on the molecular characterization of thyroid cancer from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) effort, a description of which can be found on the ITOG website ( The presentations were split between the US and European members and included special guests from Sapienza Università di Roma and Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris, France.

Gathering in Rome demonstrated the commitment of ITOG to working closely with international members. The venue also provided the opportunity for the leadership of ITOG, ACCRU and EORTC to meet, share their capabilities with ITOG membership and to strengthen collaboration with EORTC. One unifying goal is to open ITOG trials on both sides of the Atlantic.

Drs. Filletti and Schlumberger not only organized an exciting scientific program, they extended a most warm welcome to ITOG members able to make the trip to Italy. The overwhelming participation and attendance at the Annual Meeting is a testament to its value, and fosters the collaborative culture that ITOG has developed. ITOG members Dr. Bryan Haugen and Dr. Rebecca Schweppe at the University of Colorado in Denver will host the 2016 Annual Meeting. The ITOG Annual Meeting has become the “Go To” meeting in the field of thyroid cancer.