Support for the ITOG mission continues to grow with generous contributions from even more supportive donors. Most donations have come from patients, and families of patients, with thyroid cancer who believe that the multi-disciplinary team of ITOG physicians are making a significant difference in improving the treatment of the most challenging thyroid cancers. ITOG received its single largest donation of $500,000 in 2014 from an anonymous donor. Many of ITOG’s member physicians and scientists have also donated to support the organization. Future plans for use of these philanthropic funds not only include an expanded clinical trials portfolio, but support for innovative pilot projects to be initiated by ITOG member researchers, focusing on laboratory research efforts that could lead to future practice-changing clinical trials.

Additional funds have come from charitable events. TA Realty held its annual golf tournament and designated ITOG as the charitable beneficiary for the third consecutive year. This event has contributed over $230,000 to ITOG from hundreds of participants and the continued generosity of Elizabeth and Michael Ruane, recipients of the highest ITOG honor, The Jean Vicks Inspiration Award. Attendees of the TA Realty event were particularly moved by heart-felt remarks from Hürthle cell cancer survivor Elizabeth Ruane. She shared how ITOG member physicians Daniels, Randolph, Tuttle and Wirth have provided her with excellent and compassionate care throughout her cancer journey. “We decided that supporting ITOG was of upmost importance because of the collaborative nature of the organization and the caliber of the physicians that were involved. Great minds working together to help those with thyroid cancer.” ITOG Chair Lori Wirth and Treasurer Dwight Vicks were on hand to share the many exciting activities of ITOG and to extend sincere thanks to the Ruane family and the over 350 participants of this inspiring event.