Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are an easy way to double your fundraising totals. Many people don’t realize their employers offer matching gifts. In some cases, your $100 donation turns into $200 just by filling out a simple form.

Please check with your company to see if it offers a matching gift program that will match your gift to the REACT Thyroid Foundation.

If your employer requires an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (i.e. Federal Tax Identification Number), please use 20-4773370.

You may mail your completed matching gift form to:

Treasurer, ITOG
P.O. Box 270
Yorkville, NY 13495

Your personal gift and matched contribution will be credited to the program or event location that you designate.

If you have questions about matching gifts, please email us at


International Thyroid Oncology Group
5166 Commercial Drive
Yorkville, New York 13495